About The Chauffeur Company

We are the most popular chauffeur services in Essex.

Why Use Us?

From the moment you start using the chauffeur company you will know you are in the best possible hands. Immaculately dressed to create the right impression with you and your clients, our driver will:


  • Arrive on time
  • Make your journey comfortable and you have all you need
  • Drive you safely to your destination, using the most efficient route
  • Stay with you if required
  • Treat you and your clients or guests as VIPs at all times.

One thing our clients have in common is that they all recognise the value of our professional chauffeur service, the care and attention to detail, the luxury and comfort of our vehicles and the need for privacy and discretion.

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Only Qualified Chauffeurs

The Chauffeur Company strive to surpass rather than meet customer expectations and in doing so have won many new clients after experiencing our high standards. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to a diverse and high profile customer base.   Our clientele include domestic and international governments, multinational corporations as well as celebrities from the film, television and music industry, all of whom call on our services with the peace of mind in knowing that their needs will always be met.

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